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As a full-time employee of Herring Networks, Inc., you are eligible for employee benefits the first of the month following 60 days of employment. You will receive a “Welcome to EaseCentral” email once you are eligible to enroll in benefits. EaseCentral will provide resources for you to browse through provider directories, view benefits summaries, and tap into many resources that will help you get the most from your employee benefits. You will need to log in to EaseCentral to create your profile, elect or waive coverage, and list a beneficiary for your life insurance benefits. We offer group medical insurance and life insurance plans through Anthem Blue Cross, and voluntary dental and vision insurance through Principal.

Herring Networks, Inc. is now offering four medical plans: 2 HMO plans (CA Only), and 2 PPO plans. Each month Herring Networks will contribute up to $440 towards medical insurance for full-time employees. You will be responsible for any additional costs if you elect the buy up option or add any dependents. On EaseCentral you can see how much would come out of your paycheck for each plan and elect/waive coverage.

Dental and vision coverage are offered on a voluntary basis and thus 100% of the cost is your responsibility. Please refer to the Employee Benefit Overview for more information.

Anthem Life Conversion

The Anthem Life Conversion application is provided to employees in the event they should wish to “convert” their life insurance.  Note:  there is no Portability option in your Life insurance.  Time frame for employees: within 31 days from their termination date, which is the 31 day conversion period.

Waiver of Life Insurance Premium benefit provision during your total disability:

  • Please see printed pages 20–23 of the revised 1-1-2021 Life Certificate of Coverage (copy attached) which explains how one’s life insurance may be continued without premium if you become totally disabled before your 60th birthday.   In short:
  • Someone who is out on total disability (under age 60 at time of disability) will want to fill out the “Waiver of Premium” forms, before 12 months from date of disability.
  • If age 60 or older (and totally disabled), they may want to convert their life insurance.   (Note:  Waiver of Premium is only an option if under age 60 at time of disability).

Anthem Life Conversion Brochure

Basic Life Certificate of Coverage

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